Our History

Words from our late founder Nancy S. Martin

Early on in my ministry (1996) the Lord gave me a heart for Pastors. I just knew that if I could get to the leadership of the churches and teach them how to be open, honest, transparent, and real this would allow them to live out of their hearts. Then their lives, as well as messages from the pulpit, would reflect that realness, just as Christ’s example is for us. By role modeling this behavior, it would matriculate down through the congregation and the church could become what it was called to be, a loving sanctuary for those in need, and its body would be joyous, happy, and free.
It was very evident after working with my first group of 45 pastors that indeed the Holy Spirit had given me a special ability to work with pastors on a level where they felt safe and not threatened. The next day after that first workshop I had an Independent Baptist Pastor (whom I did not know) call me and personally thank me “Nancy you will never know what healing went on in that room yesterday….thank you so much.”
It was at this point He birthed a vision to have these skills taught in seminaries at home and around the world.
Thus began the journey of doing seminars/workshops for pastors and church leaders. I knew that once given the opportunity to work with the entire pastoral staff, I could show the true benefit of this program for the church. In January 2002 those doors opened. I did a “Pastor’s Retreat” with all six ministers from a church in New Jersey, taking them through the process of healing their hearts. I saw miracles and changes that only God could faciliate. This retreat workshop so impacted their lives that they helped with a video testimonial clearly defining the value of this program.
The ministry to pastors and leadership continued to grow, and in March 2005, I had the opportunity to work with 150 Bishops at the National Conference of C.A.P,B., in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a true highlight of my life and an awesome experience to stand before a room full of Bishops (the leaders of the church) and share God’s heart of healing with them and to watch them absorb God’s message of healing with such enthusiasm and hunger.
I developed and taught my first class at the seminary in the Fall of 2006; Transformational Skills: How to Counsel Through Grief, Loss, and Change. The success of the class can be measured by the such comments as “this is the class you never want to end” but more importantly by the changes in the lives and ministries of the participants.
The results of my research, disertation, clinical experience, and journey with God learning to live joyous and free are all part of my book that will be released in Fall of 2007.