The Africa Project


– 2nd most populous continent.

– 1.16 BILLION people… most living in poverty. -Constant wars, natural disasters, poverty, famine, hunger and disease have left millions groping in emotional darkness while living on a continent rich with natural resources.

-Grief has robbed this land of quality of leaders, clergy, professionals, business people, fathers, mothers and children, leaving behind a hopeless generation, destined to teach the next generation to walk in their footprints.

-Creating the PROPER ENVIRONMENT to develop the LEADERSHIP CAPACITY necessary to move these people into the next level of SOCIAL CHANGE and DEVELOPMENT, will require a change in their overall EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPE.

Sunrise at Midnight Africa is a project to assist the people of Africa who are living with cumulative and unresolved grief issues. Sunrise at Midnight, lead by Founding Director, Dr. Nancy Martin, and Executive Director, Mike Wadel in conjuction with the Grief Recovery Institute, have in place certified Grief Recovery Specialists in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Geoffrey Kioko Simon is the Director of Sunrise at Midnight (SAM) for Africa. He oversees the work of SAM Africa. A former electronics and RADAR specialist with the Kenyan Navy, Geoffrey is the Team Leader at Streetsmart Group Ltd and the Founder of the Word in Season Ministry.

He is an ordained pastor, businessman and consultant and has been a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist since 2009. He has since overseen the translation of the Grief Recovery Handbook into Swahili and conducted groups throughout Africa. He is now a trainer with the Grief Recovery Institute based in California. He is married to Edith Kioko. They are blessed with four children. They reside in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.


While SAM-Africa’s ULTIMATE GOAL is to establish at least four training centers in four different countries on the African Continent with administrative, accommodation and transportation facilities, our IMMEDIATE GOAL is to build a steel structure, on recently aquired land outside Nairobi Kenya. This building would include meeting rooms and offices. Estimated cost for building and equipping this Phase 1 project is under $75,000.


How Can You Partner With Us?

– By giving a one-time donation.
– By giving a monthly contribution.
– Mobilize a group to raise money.
– Encourage your employer to donate through Corporate Social Responsibility programs.
– Allow us to come and share with your church members.
– If you are a Certified GR Specialist, talk to SAM USA about coming to Africa as a short term volunteer specialist.