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By James & Friedman
The Grief Recovery Handbook in Spanish [MORE]
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The Grief Recovery Handbook

The Grief Recovery Handbook outlines the actions needed to give completion to the pain of death, divorce, job loss, and any of the more more than 40 potential loss issuses. It is the required text for the Grief Recovery Classes. It is an excellent resource and participants say it is the best book on grief they have read. [MORE]

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Moving On

Dump Your Relationship Baggage and Make Room for the Love of Your Life. This book will help you to understand how nonaddressed and incomplete relationship problems always repeat, and how to avoid the pitfalls of carrying your incomplete past into your romantic future. In addition you will be given practical action steps to allow you to move forward. [MORE]

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When Children Grieve

At long last- the book that really helps you help your children deal with loss. When Children Grieve contains essential emotional truths which will help parents help their children deal with loss of any kind. From moving to lossing a pet the step by step actions are discribed clearly for anyone wishing to help children. [MORE]

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