Programs Offered

Services Available Through Sunrise At Midnight

The Grief Recovery® Outreach Program

A 8-session recovery class utilizing a format that is designed by The Grief Recovery Institute that assure long-term recovery from the pain of ANY loss or life change. It is an organized series of specific actions that lead to the capacity for joy and happiness.

Workshops and Retreats

"Life 101: The Freedom To Choose"..moving beyond loss

Ever wonder why that as Believers we often struggle with walking out in the power, freedom, and joy that we were created to live in?...Life 101 is step one in a series we will be offering in 2014 to train up the Body of Christ to walk in the freedom for which God has called us.

As the title implies it is a life-transforming workshop for those who are ready to move forward to a higher quality of life. It is both experiential and educational in nature.You will learn life skills to help you throughout life as you encounter change.

"Listening Skills That Open Hearts"

What most individuals want is to " really" be heard. You will learn how to listen from YOUR HEART a concept that facilitates emotional communication and trust.


"Bridging The Gap: The Journey From Head to Heart"

What I said had a different outcome than what I expected WHY? The answer to this and many more nagging questions. Designed to train and empower ministers and church workers with skills that effectively reach broken hearts.

"When Children Grieve" For Adults to Help Children Deal with Death, Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving, and Other Losses

If you interact with children & teens in a professional, social, or familial capacity YOU need these Practical skills.

"Change and Loss Corporate Grieving Within The Church and Community: Skills for a Positive Outcome"

Any time there is a change in a familiar pattern of behavior there is the potential for a grieving experience. Learn how this affects the life and administration of a church community and how to use the change to facilitate a positive outcome.

All our Educational Workshops, Seminars, and In-services can be customized to meet your organizational needs. For more information on hosting any of the above please contact us.

Not sure how all this fits with your organization?

    Those we have helped include:
  • Churches
  • School Systems
  • Hospice and the Health Care Industry
  • Organizations
  • Civic Groups
  • Corporate work place consultation
  • Missionaries on the field

We provide Consultation for Clergy, Church Care Teams, Professionals, Employee Assistance Programs, and Business Professionals interested in improving their human relation skills. As well as, a Speakers Bureau, Individual Counseling and Consulting, and Psychosocial care for the patients, families, and friends dealing with chronic or life threatening illness.

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